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Why and How to Show Team and Coworker Appreciation

No one is going to respond to a dictator or a tyrant. You job as project manager is to create a work environment where all can coexist. You need to inspire your team members to work with you. According to Leigh Espy in a post for Project Bliss, this can be done through more positive, motivational methods that will produce better outcomes. Positive results come from coworker appreciation demonstrations. In return, a happier workplace is created.

The Gift of Thanks

So why should you do this? Your teams works hard. There are many late nights with early mornings the next day and plenty of overtime put in. Time is taken away from the weekends and friends and family in order to meet milestones and deadlines. No project is disaster-proof. Everyone is on the same team with success as the end goal. Some members may not get as much recognition as others, and it is important to show appreciation for the effort of everyone involved.

How can you do this? It does not have to involve tons of money. Money does not even have to be a factor in showing appreciation. There is not always a celebration or appreciation budget. You will have to turn to good old brainstorming and creativity and simplicity. Basic simple actions can show appreciation to your team. The most important thing is that your sincere, genuine gratitude radiates through.

Espy offers some suggestions for free/low-cost appreciation efforts:

  • “Thank you” and acknowledgement
  • Email to the boss, copying the employee, to share info on a success
  • Remembering birthday/birthday card
  • Thank you cards
  • Team outings to offsite activities

You can access the original post (and other appreciation suggestions) here:

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