How Should Managers Use Social Media?

Most businesses are evolving past the notion that all social media is evil and must be purged from the premises. Social media is a tool for communication like any other, so managers might as well take advantage of it with their teams. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares some tips to make the most of tweets and posts and all that other nonsense.

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For starters, Twitter is a pretty good tool for getting a pulse on what is going on in an industry from day to day, even if the news arrives in a busy beehive-like fashion. Following work friends and colleagues could yield some insight into how they are doing too. Additionally, social media (including but not limited to LinkedIn) can be used to bolster the branding of individual employees and also businesses as a whole. If a CIO wants to tweet or post about the exciting business initiatives going on at work, more power to him/her. In fact, that would probably be preferable to trying to use social media to outright sell more business, because people just do not want to be sold stuff over social media. Instead, when interacting with potential customers, social media should focus on engagement over sales. High engagement will make people more willing to become customers without needing a hard push.

In any case, employees need to remember to keep everything kosher:

When social media is used in a business context, Ciuffini says executives and all staff members must proceed with care. “People will add clauses to their accounts stating that what they’re talking about is a personal opinion rather than a corporate view,” he says. “But you also have to recognise that what you say sticks around on the internet.”

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