Live Free or Deadline: 5 Tips

You can manage your deadlines with tact, or you can hop from one crisis to the next and hate yourself. Margot Carmichael Lester shares five tips to get your affairs in order and not hate yourself in an article for Monster. He says to begin by making a list of all deadlines, including the work that does not actually have a definitive due date. This paints an immediate picture of how busy you really are.

Next, identify the action items associated with each deadline and create a schedule according to their complexity and due dates. If your deadlines are clashing, do not be afraid to talk to superiors about getting them pushed back a little. In some cases, people will try to give you work that is just impossible to achieve with your preexisting commitments, so learn to say no to accepting more work. On that same note, be big enough to admit when you are having problems and need help. It will be hard to pretend everything is fine when you have totally blown the deadline.

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