How to Hire with Algorithms

Welcome to the cold, miserable future, where computers decide who gets an interview or a job. Want to get in on that action? Oren Danieli, Andrew Hillis, and Michael Luca share some tips in an article for Harvard Business Review.

They share five principles for working with hiring algorithms: (1) Pick the right performance metric, because the algorithm will doggedly and absolutely pursue whatever goal you give it—and nothing else. (2) Collect the right variables (which will require iterations), deciding which characteristics in a candidate are most pressing—college GPA, previous job titles, etc. (3) Gather many data points on new hires to track how they are doing once they are actually working, so that the algorithm can factor their quality into future hiring decisions. (4) Make apples to apples comparisons between workers, in that (for instance) it is possible the best employee who receives the most challenging clients will also incur the most failures. (5) Anticipate attempts by candidates and employees to “game” the algorithm and account for them. No one will evade the judgement of their icy robot master.

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