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How to Focus on Your Work

With as much as is thrown at us on a daily basis, there is no reason to feel mightily guilty over a lack of focus. Emails, phone calls, employees, and other tasks consistently demand our attention. Sam Grier writes for the IT Managers Inbox with three keys to achieving better focus:

  1. Plan ahead to better focus on your work.
  2. Avoid distractions.
  3. Develop a routine.

Looking Straight Ahead

It is said that success is determined not by what you have to do, but by how you do it. Planning ahead is essential to staying focused. This all starts the night before. Sleep is important; you cannot focus if you are sleep-deprived, and you will lack concentration. Set at least three goals the night before and email them to yourself. Keep those goals in front of you as much as possible as a reminder of what needs to be focused on. Upon arrival to work, review your goals, prioritize them, and assign time allotment to each.

To get work done you need to be able to completely focus on the task at hand. Eliminate all distractions. Before you sit down to work, make sure you have used the restroom, gotten something to drink and are prepared to buckle down. Turn off your email and messaging, as well give up the dream of multitasking because it just is not going to happen.

Lastly, develop a routine. Doing so will train your brain and focus your cognitive abilities when you trigger the routine. Grier says repeat step one daily until it becomes routine. Set milestones and reward yourself when you meet them. Practice makes perfect. The more you do the routine, it will become second nature. To have a routine is to be repetitive and program your brain to enjoy working in this manner.

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