How to Hire People Who Really Get Stuff Done

When it comes to recruiting, Marie Burns looks for “GSDers,” people who “get stuff done.” In an article for the Muse, she describes how she finds the GSDers. It takes some effort.

In the pre-screening, scan resumes and cover letters for action words like “created” and “influenced,” not more passive words like “helped.” Look for people who have a track record of success and who get involved in additional work and activities outside of their job. Next, during an actual interview, ask for samples of their best work if at all possible. Additionally ask questions that get them to talk about the greatest work they have accomplished, so you can judge how “great” it is. Maybe even give candidates a “challenge” to conquer during the interview, where they have to present on a pertinent topic for 15-30 minutes.

Lastly, during the post-interview, make sure you get a good follow-up email from them within two days. Then make sure their references really check out. GSDers will provide sterling references, so go ahead and give them a ring.

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