Get Organized: Tips for Meeting Deadlines

The more organized an individual is, the more resilient that person becomes to changes. In an article for PCMag, Jill Duffy gives some tips on how to get organized to fight a deadline. Her first tip is to always build padding into your schedule, in order to account for the unexpected (e.g., a boa constrictor vacations at your cube for a day). Beyond that, make your deadlines physically visible in order to increase urgency. Mark them on calendars so that you do not allow anything to slip your mind.

In order to place your deadlines in the right context, you need to consider your “work cycles.” In other words, your work probably tends to be due in certain regular intervals. Perhaps keep a couple different calendars (physical or otherwise) that quickly show how projects relate to each other over a period of a month versus a period of several months, for instance. And when you are assigned a type of work that you only do rarely—and thus might be prone to forget—set up a double reminder for it, so that you are warned a few days in advance that the project due date is coming.

You can view the full article here:,2817,2403268,00.asp

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