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Five Tips to Avoid Work Burnout in Tech

Working in the field of technology means working in a constant state of change. Pressure is coming from all around, increasingly so, whether you are dealing with overseeing operational IT concerns or driving transformation programs. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels comes up with five ways for IT leaders to manage the stresses and strains of their authoritative role:

  1. Find the space to relax.
  2. Surround yourself with a great supporting cast.
  3. Look to change your working environment.
  4. Be comfortable with the decision-making process.
  5. Make a commitment to invest in yourself.

Freeze Up!

You need to make time to relax. Your mind may be so bombarded with obligations that you may not take the time to slow down. Decompressing and reconnecting are very important. You should take at least a good 20 minutes for yourself, focusing inwardly. CIO at Travis Perkins Neir Pearce uses an app called Headspace in which he goes through a 20-minute meditative practice.

Secondly, you have to enjoy your job. Going to a job you are miserable at every day is the quickest way to a burnout. Having a good support system in the form of your team will give you peace, as you know all will work together to make sure the job is done. Third, if you have the opportunity to step outside the office for a lunch break, or work from another site occasionally, seize it! Changing your environment will help in reducing the stresses and strains of work.

It is very important to be comfortable with your position and fully understanding the risks that come along with the choices you make. Knowing the potential risks ahead of making the decision will remove stress. There is inherently less to worry about.

Lastly, find something you do, some sort of activity, weekly, that will allow you to completely disconnect from the office and your job. Outdoor activities are great, but not everyone is an outdoor person. Find what works for you and hide away from your phone for an hour or two.

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