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How IT Is Allowing Us to Dress Better Than Ever Before

Technology has gotten its tendrils into every aspect of life, even fashion. Yes, Fashion Week itself has inadvertently begun to act like a tech expo at times. But more prominent at the moment is how tech is tightening relationships between customers and fashion. In an article for Information Age, Trish Young discusses this new phenomenon.

Hip to Be Square

Young introduces the newfound influence of technology in fashion with this:

This year, social media channels were the catalyst of the Fashion Weeks’ digital strategy, taking audience engagement to new levels through placing followers not only on the front row, but also behind the scenes. In particular, 2016’s fierce battle for consumer attention between Snapchat and Instagram Stories emphasises the value attributed to harnessing fashion fans’ appetite for real-time experiences.

The technology at this year’s fashion show season was not just designed to improve the experiences for those outside the event. Devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens augmented reality headset gave those attending the Martine Jarlgaard London show the chance to view garments from all angles, and in greater detail.

The challenge of providing real-time excitement with fashion is matching it with actual product availability. Henry Holland allows for instantaneous purchases at its shows by way of prepaid VISA cards that use near-field communication (NFC) technology; buyers simply pick up their new garments as they leave. But in general, offering immediate online availability following a reveal is the best way to maintain momentum. Furthermore, by collecting data on who is buying what and crowdsourcing opinions about what is hot, supply chains can adjust their strategies accordingly. In ways such as these, the mind of fashion producers and consumers may become one. Then everyone is feeling and looking good.

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