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3 Tips for Managing Organizational Growth

It has been a trend that it is difficult to squeeze growth out of larger, more mature organizations. Instead of shying away from the challenge, project managers should take it head on. A great project leader is a strategic project leader, according to Dave Wakeman in a post for Voices on Project Management. These are the ones who make it their business to understand the organization’s vision for growth and take action to help realize it.

Leadership as Strategy

Here are three ideas strategic project leaders can use when attempting to manage growth in mature companies. First, you need to align thinking with the organization’s growth goals. As a baseline for success, you must gain an understanding of where the organization is going. Usually, the beginning of every fiscal year, quarter, or calendar year goals are set, and this will provide the groundwork.

Second, anticipate ways projects can or cannot create additional value:

Here’s the challenge. It is easy to mail this stuff in. I’m just a project manager, right? If you want to be a leader in your organization and manage for growth—growth for your company and your career—you can’t allow this thinking to infiltrate your mindset.

To manage for growth, especially in tough markets, you have to be able to anticipate where your business is going and where opportunity lies. Then you need to be able to take action to apply these ideas to your projects and advocate for them in a strong, reasoned manner.

Lastly, frame your ideas in a context that fits executive and stakeholder goals. As the project manager you are the sounding board for people that have an interest in your project’s success. You are the one who knows more about the project than anyone else. With this, you have a lot of power, and you are presented the opportunity to push the project in ways that will help squeeze out the greatest benefits for you and your organization.

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