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Top Reasons Employees Leave and How to Prevent It

People can get so anxious about spending money to adequately train new resources, when the risk of them hopping ship is always lurking overhead. But if you offer an attractive work experience, should that threat really be so large? In an article for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco discusses findings from a report of 2,500 American CIOs about employee turnover.

Don’t Say Goodbye

Six top causes of employee turnover were identified. In order, these include limited opportunities for career growth (30 percent response), job boredom (21 percent), subpar compensation and benefits (20 percent), too much work (12 percent), being unhappy with management (7 percent), and lastly lack of recognition (7 percent). DeNisco continues to say this:

Business and tech workers can also learn from these typical reasons for employee turnover. In a September report, [staffing firm] Robert Half also identified five warning signs that a tech employee might be preparing to leave, including increased absences or time away from the office, changes in attire, decreased communication or disengagement, changes in their personal workspace, and increased private conversations.

To retain the best employees, there are four tips:

  1. Make sure your best people know they are your best people.
  2. Set up plans for long-term career growth with them in the company.
  3. Get proactive about offering them competitive salaries and raises.
  4. Listen closely to their feedback.

Employees will definitely think twice about walking away from a business that performs these four actions for them. For more, you can view the original article here:

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