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How a Little Gratitude Can Help You Get Ahead at Work

Expressing gratitude should always be a natural part of a person’s personality—not a means to an end. That being said, being grateful comes with plenty of ancillary benefits. Katie Douthwaite Wolf writes for the Muse with four ways to get appreciative in a way that… others will appreciate.

Perks of Gratitude

The most direct way to express gratitude is to get face to face with a person and give him or her a specific compliment. “Thank you for always having an optimistic attitude, even during last Friday’s catastrophe!” for instance. A related method of showing gratitude is to casually single out team members for praise during a meeting, like a, “The project is back on schedule thanks to Tammy uncovering that critical process gap.” People are going to remember the praise they received in these situations, and they are going to want to work harder for or with that grateful person in the future.

A third option to express gratitude, and one that can especially make everyone look good, is to write an email to the boss about how helpful someone else was. In this scenario, the writer looks good for being grateful, the praised person looks great for being useful, and the boss is happy that employees are competent and kind. This is a winning strategy.

And lastly, yes, it is never a bad idea to express gratitude by bringing in free food for everyone. Baked goods, pizza, whatever, people will remember it. And when people always associate a person with being considerate and appreciative, that person is on the fast track to further job opportunities.

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