Five Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative Work Environment

When you are surrounded by Debbie Downers, it can be hard to be an Ulrich Upper. Julie Fuimano shares five ways to stay positive at work anyway. It begins with acknowledging that the way people around you work is creating negative friction for one reason or another. After that, you need to honestly consider if you are contributing to that negativity: Do you gossip about people? Are you complaining without offering solutions? Such behavior must cease.

When you have corrected the problem in yourself (if it exists), bring the problem to the attention of the other people behaving negatively. Make it nonjudgmental, since they probably do not realize they are acting in such a way in the first place. Stay positive and discuss what there is to gain if people can reduce their toxicity in the workplace. If people are willing to make any effort at all to improve, be appreciative of those efforts.

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