What CEOs Expect from Their CIO

Now that CIOs are taking on further responsibility, CEOs are reevaluating what roles and responsibilities CIOs need to take on. And according to a 2016 Harvey Nash survey, more CIOs (34%) report directly to the CEO than ever before. As well, more have seats on the board than ever before (45%). In an article for CIO UK, Pat Brans talks about what CEOs are now expecting of their CIOs.

Great Expectations

CEOs now want their CIO as close to them as possible, to apply a panoramic mindset to technology deployment. As expectations are constantly changing it is important for the CEO and the CIO to have regular dialogue. As well, the CIO should have a good understanding of what others (their peers and their team) are expecting of them as well. CIOs have to improve the way they communicate with other executives too, as it has been reported that a majority of them lack sufficiency in this realm.

Beyond communication skills, CIOs now have to also balance out keeping costs down in operations while generating revenue through new business opportunities. CIOs need to keep a close eye on security as well. While doing so they need to rise up and meet a new set of expectations to transform the business through technology. Brans offers an overall layout for how CIOs successfully transform their business:

Transformative CIOs pay more attention to direct customer feedback to get ideas for business change. They look at new delivery channels for reaching out to the customer, for taking payment, and for delivering products and services. Transformative CIOs look for new ways of managing the supply chain. Information has always been king when it comes to supply chain management. So it’s natural to use technology to reduce uncertainty in demand, and to reduce delivery time. Last but not least, transformative CIOs look for new ways of using the data already available to deepen their organization’s understanding of their market.

As always, CEOs need their CIOs to demonstrate good, old-fashioned leadership. You can access the original article here:

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