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5 Questions to Develop a Simple Scope Management Plan

Running to the Project Management Body of Knowledge for advice can result in one of two mistakes: trying to apply too much of its processes, or seeing how dense its recommendations are and not bothering to do any of it. Instead, take a look at these five questions to ask when developing a simple scope management plan from Harry Hall in a post for the Project Risk Coach:

  1. Who is responsible for developing and managing the project scope?
  2. What will you include in your project scope statement?
  3. What will you include in your scope baseline?
  4. How will you validate the scope?
  5. How will you control the scope?

Scrutinizing the Scope

There are different roles and responsibilities that are dispersed among the project sponsor, project manager, and the project team:

You may wish to use a RACI Matrix to clarify who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for scope activities such as defining the project scope statement, baselining the scope, verifying the scope, and controlling the scope.

When coming up with a project scope statement, consider the description of the scope, deliverables, assumptions, and constraints. And for your scope baseline, include the project scope statement, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS dictionary. If you are unclear what the WBS is, this is a hierarchical decomposition of the project and may be represented as an outline or organizational cart. As well, be aware of what the 100% rule is. This means that the WBS should include all deliverables and all work, including the project management work.

So how will you validate the scope? This is the process of formally accepting the project deliverables. Inspections such as reviews and walkthroughs are performed to measure, examine, and validate whether the deliverables and work meet the requirements. Lastly, you need to control the scope. Nothing is set in stone, and with every project comes the possibility of changes in the product or project scope. Your job is to monitor these changes and changes to the scope baseline.

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