4 Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

About half of the nation is feeling pretty okay right now, and the other half is feeling utterly devastated. For the sake of a more perfect union, let’s discuss how we all can get more positive about life and work. Emma Watson shares four tips in an article for Lifehack.

First, have or find a positive support group, people who have our backs through thick and thin. Negative people bring others down with them, but positive people help each other keep on their feet. Second, no matter how bad things get, surely there still exists something for which to be grateful. Keep a running list of the positive things that are still going on in order to counter the legion of negativity. Remember that things are virtually never “all bad.”

Third, if we think of ourselves in a negative light for any reason, then we need to retrain our minds. When we think things like, “I’m not skilled enough to accomplish this,” or “I’m never going to see eye to eye with him,” we impose arbitrary limitations on ourselves. Instead, think, “I can create a path to improvement to succeed,” or, “I’m going to make the commitment to understand his perspective.” We have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this reframing.

This connects to the final point: When we accept a situation as it really is, good or bad, we can start to craft solutions. Hoping a meteor comes to put us out of our misery instead is not constructive. It is categorically the definition of destructive. Let’s strive for something better together.

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