Will CIOs Take Ownership of Stakeholder Happiness?

The most successful businesses are relentlessly improving their customer experience, externally and internally. As a result, CIOs are coming to realize how important it could be to consumerize IT and create great experiences for stakeholders. In an article for ZDNet, Dion Hinchcliffe shares observations on this expanding phenomenon.

Chief Emotion Engineer?

The new CIO of SAP, Thomas Saueressig, advocates happiness as a competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction is his “most important KPI.” He in turn firmly believes that happy employees will make customers happy. Is this a definite, inarguable conclusion? Absolutely not, in my opinion, and I think it reeks of oversimplification. But all the same, CIOs should absolutely be looking to create situations that make internal and external customers happy.

Hinchcliffe articulates the challenge of stakeholder happiness like this:

Today we are literally connected to our stakeholders constantly in digital channels. They are closer and more immediate to us than at any time in history. It’s all too easy to actually understand what they are thinking and feeling, if we have the will to do so. But today, most organizations are relatively immature in how to make the most of this connectedness to be genuinely customer-centric. In other words, to do the very best to use these assets and knowledge to create and sustain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Making use of another emerging trend, that of the data-driven business, can provide clues in how to address this challenge. But how to merge data, customer communities, engagement portals, and other social media into one beastly mass to make everyone happy will require a lot of additional thinking.

For additional explanation, you can view the full article here:

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