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Ways to Share and Increase Project Team Knowledge

If you are lucky, your project team has at least one ace that can be relied upon to do heavy lifting. But too much heavy lifting breaks backs. It is better to build a team that can share the load. In an article for Project Smart, Duncan Haughey describes some ways to share and increase knowledge and skills across the team.

The End of Back Pain

The most straightforward option is to go with actual classroom training. Experts within the business, maybe even your ace, can train the team in new areas. External trainers can be brought in too. In either case, the important thing with classroom training is to swiftly reinforce it by having the team apply it in practical exercises.

Even more formally, an organization might want to create its own internal certification program:

A company certification programme can help employees improve the skills and competencies essential to the organisation. For example, you could run a project management programme aimed at increasing project success. The organisation could have bronze, silver and gold standards for participants to aspire to and then grade projects accordingly, with the most important projects needing a gold standard project manager.

Creating programs to encourage employees to seek popular external certifications is an option as well. But there are also less formal options for increasing team knowledge. A “brown bag lunch” session, where people basically listen to an expert teach while they eat, is a simple way to get people learning and talking about the learning. And perhaps even more simple than that, there is always peer working. Pairing an expert with a junior colleague is a fast and direct way for the junior to absorb much of the knowledge and go-to tactics of the expert.

One of the best ways to keep a business healthy is to keep its employees learning. You can view the original article here:

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