Tired of Being Let Down? Ways to Increase Accountability

In an effort to be liked or simply avoid conflict, we might be going too easy on people when they let us down at work. But there is a difference between making mistakes and just not respecting obligations. In an article for Forbes, Margie Warrell shares tips for making people shape up and take accountability for their actions.

In the first place, be direct about what it is you want and expect from employees—you cannot get upset with people for misinterpreting your vague edicts. Get specific and ask employees to repeat back to you what it is they think you are asking. If they do end up letting you down, at least hear their side of the story and consider if you could have said or done more to help them. In any case, articulate the impact of what it means when they have let you down. For instance, your trust in the person has probably decreased, and perhaps the project schedule is now hindered, etc. After that, reset expectations and make it clear that you expect to see improvement next time. Reward the positive and coach the negative in people’s delivery where you see it.

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