Practical Tips to Improve Business Writing

Typically, when people lack a talent for something, they just avoid the thing instead of trying to improve. Who could blame them? Path of least resistance and what not. But making little improvements to your writing does not have to be hard. Gary Judge writes for Lifehack with some not-too-overbearing practical tips.

For starters, think like a journalist. Present your big conclusion/needed action item right at the front, where everyone will spot it. Present just the facts and sprinkle in context as required. Edit out as much extraneous info as possible; be brutal about it.

Consider if any of your ideas can be made into bullet point lists for increased comprehension. But keep lists from stretching on for too long or else they will defeat the purpose. And when writing longer documents, make good use of headings to help readers find information that pertains directly to them faster.

Practice makes perfect, so at least try to make a conscious effort to keep reviewing your writing. Seek out other tips over time when you think you are making strides with this first set. You can view the original article here:

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