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Getting the Most out of Your Project Planning Sessions

Project planning is the period where you can allow your management genius to spill out and enrich the whole oncoming project. Such zeal to get started and launch on these big plans and innovations can inadvertently stunt the actual planning though. In an article for Project Smart, Sebastian Bos describes how to get the most value out of project planning sessions.

Plotting Genius

A solid project planning session considers every facet of a project and ensures that all stakeholders understand the lay of the land. The project plan itself should demonstrate how it will obtain and sustain buy-in from all the relevant parties. If there is disagreement about anything between stakeholders during planning, let them air their grievances and listen carefully to their concerns. An amicable solution must be found now, because it will cost so much more to find a solution later on.

Likewise, be ready to deal with resource conflicts as well:

Are the HR department aware of your project? Are there any additional hires that need to be made? Do any departments need restructuring or organising into project-specific teams before you execute? Do you have the right tools and systems in place to complete the project from start to finish? Involve those who need to know and keep them engaged with the project by being transparent, focused and energised.

The real foundation of project success is almost always communication though. In that light, if using project management software, make sure all pertinent people fully understand how the software works. And to observe and communicate project health, agree upon the KPIs by which the project will be measured. Hammer out your standard timelines and budgets. And once you have done all of that, then the time to go execute on your genius can occur.

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