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Data on Efforts to Improve Critical QA and Testing

Quality can be elusive, as elusive as the reasoning for why the letter “q” exists at all when “kw” would do just fine. In a slideshow for CIO Insight, Dennis McCafferty shares data from Capgemini/Sogeti and HP about where CIOs stand with quality assurance (QA) and testing. Out of this research conducted with roughly 1600 executives, here are some kwick highlights:

  • Enhancing security (65 percent) and gaining higher-quality software solutions (44 percent) are leading QA and testing objectives among respondents.
  • The right processes and methods to test mobile/multi-channel apps do not exist in 48 percent of organizations.
  • Companies have difficulty designing test cases for customer experience with multi-channel apps 36 percent of the time, which is an improvement of 5 percent from last year.
  • Forty-three percent of organizations believe app development comes with too many design complexities.

For more data, you can view the full slideshow here:

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