A Few Common Grammatical Errors to Dodge

Its cute when a cat licks it’s fur. Your not going to believe you’re eyes. You just read two examples of common grammar mistakes in action. Beverly West highlights a few more to keep in mind as you write in an article for Monster. For instance, “ensuring” that something goes well is much different than “insuring” a skyscraper for damages incurred from King Kong attacks.

Aside from those word mix-ups though, you also should know about common punctuation mistakes. A lot of them involve quotation marks. For example, in American English, commas and periods go inside the quotation mark. Question marks and exclamation points however go outside of the quotation mark unless they are actually part of the title or quoted thing. Enjoy some examples of mine:

  • Jane is “innocent until proven guilty.”
  • It is normal to be “a little stupid,” according to Dave.
  • Have you ever read “Hills Like White Elephants”?
  • I love “Hills Like White Elephants”!

For even a few more tips, you can view West’s article here:

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