6 Ways to Strip Out Bureaucracy

Like puberty, bureaucracy seems to strike at younger and younger ages. Unlike puberty, it does not get better over time. John Brandon shares six tips in an article for Inc. for creating conditions that inhibit bureaucratic sprawl.

The first tip is to conduct projects over as short a timeline as is feasible, because people work more urgently and with increased focus on a deadline. Importantly, people also feel less inclined to spend time discussing anything that is not essential. Plus, small projects with small teams are easier to manage and incur less risk than a few very large projects with equally large staff. Another tip is to limit how many major goals are being approached at a given time, because it is likely an ineffective use of time and other resources to try to track every goal and variable all of the time.

If at all possible, get teams working in the same general spaces to facilitate direct communication. Avoid penciling in regularly occurring meetings unless they are really necessary, and delay implementing best practices in your organization until you are really sure these practices will create efficiencies more than create barriers.

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