5 Tips to Overcome Fears at Work

No wall in your head is too big to climb. Robin Madell shares five tips to overcome fears in an article for U.S. News and World Report.

First, understand that there are common fears that plague many people, and in turn many solutions that have been devised. Research your individual fears and see what options are available. Second, outgrow any fears of self-promotion. If you are seeking a raise, confidently and respectfully lay out the list of your accomplishments and articulate what you will still accomplish moving forward. Third, do not let a desire to be perfect inhibit you from taking action. If you have a big idea that could yield a big payoff, then get started experimenting with it rather than wait until it is “perfect” to begin (because “perfect” may never come). Fourth, select a mentor who can help you grow through your anxieties; just remember to return the favor by doing whatever you can to repay him or her. Lastly, some feelings of fear are inevitable. But you can try to swap fear for “daring”: Think of how darn brave you are for being in a situation that is even worth feelings of fear!

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