5 Steps to Hold People Accountable

When employees do not live up to their obligations to you, they both disappoint you and damage the business. Raw feelings result. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman shares five tips for introducing more clarity, which in turn heightens accountability.

First, there must be clear expectations in place about the outcomes you want to see and how success will be measured. These details do not have to be exclusively dictated by you; they can arrive naturally through conversation. All that ultimately matters is that the information is conveyed and agreed upon.

The second element is to make sure the capability for success exists. Delegate tasks to people with the right skill sets, and grant them whatever additional resources they will need. Then as the task is underway, have progress milestones set up, and act on it immediately if any milestones are missed.

Maintain transparent feedback throughout the process, positive and negative—whatever is required to be helpful. When all of these steps have been taken, employees are best enabled to live up to your expectations. If they fail anyway, you can dictate clear consequences without a guilty conscience, whether that means changing a person’s organizational role or firing him or her.

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