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4 Tips for How Play Can Help the Team Embrace Digital Disruption

As Stephen King warned us, all work and no play creates axe killers. Almost as important, play can be helpful for creativity. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares four tips about using play to help IT best contribute to digital disruption:

  1. Let your employees play with purpose.
  2. Understand your key competitive differentiator.
  3. Find the space to try new things.
  4. Focus solely on what you need to achieve.

Avoiding Dull Boys

“Failing fast” has become a phrase for conducting little business experiments and learning from them, but the phrase carries negative connotations. It is recommended to replace it with “learning fast,” and for that learning to be directed toward a specific purpose. Give the team room to play, but make sure it is always directed toward a specified type of value creation. It will probably be most beneficial if the learning is directed toward the area that differentiates the business from competition, to bolster that area even further.

About finding space to try new things, the article offers this:

“Many of these new technologies don’t have a refined business case,” [Omid Shiraji, interim CIO at Camden Council] says. “There isn’t necessarily a number that CIOs can use to show a clear return on investment. What you often need is a bit of a leap of faith and an understanding of how these technologies can help drive positive change in the future.”

Shiraji says foresight can be crucial for IT leaders looking to gain a competitive advantage through technology. Rather than waiting until a clear business case emerges, CIOs should start to explore systems and services as soon as possible.

Entrepreneurial spirit must pervade IT, and if it can find ways around corporate bureaucracy, all the better. IT just needs to pool its resources to test the ideas with merit.

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