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3 Ways to Make Performance Reviews Less Dreadful

Life is all about framing. For instance, you can feel upset that someone spills soda on your shirt, or you can feel lucky that no soda spilled on the painting carried under your arm. In the same way, performance reviews only have to be nervous and soul-draining if both parties allow it to be this way. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares three ways managers can reduce the dread of these reviews:

  1. Keep the process open-ended.
  2. Develop a work plan against which you and the employee can measure.
  3. Give the employee the benefit of the doubt.

A New Frame

About the first point, Shacklett provides this example:

Adobe’s new approach replaced traditional performance reviews with a new “check-in” system where employees are encouraged to set their own expectations each year and create a plan for growth and development. And they get feedback on a regular basis, instead of just once a year. The advantage here is that conversations can flow more freely and with less discomfort because discussions about performance occur with such regularity that employees already know how their managers feel about their work.

Manager and employee should work together to devise a plan with realistic, measurable goals. The manager should take the lead in explicitly defining expectations. When this is in place, there should ideally be less pressure on the employee, since he or she will no longer be wondering what it takes to receive a positive performance review.

Sometimes, managers’ own lack of time to conduct performance reviews can make them a sour experience. They must resist the urge to make a slapdash assessment based too much on observations from other people. After all, this is potentially a person’s livelihood on the line. Employees should be given the benefit of the doubt in gray areas of the assessment.

You can view the original article here:

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