3 Steps to Overcome a Career Fear

Demons can be exorcised. Psychos can be incarcerated. Under-the-skin, work-borne fears are not as easy to rid though. In an article for the Muse, Lea McLeod provides three steps to vanquish any fear that gets in your way.

The first step is to analyze the fear, because logically thinking through a fear is the first way to disarm it. Literally write down the fear, what causes it, how it is negatively affecting you, and what positive benefits would result if you were to overcome it.

The second step is to plan exposure therapy techniques. In the most traditional sense, an example of exposure therapy would be overcoming a fear of snakes by gradually escalating a person’s contact with the snake (from being in the same room, to touching it, to eventually holding it). In a more practical case, McLeod recalls a woman who was terrified to confront her boss about how he publicly called her out on mistakes. McLeod recommended the woman could set up weekly meetings with her boss to create an ongoing dialogue, which would include a portion for sharing feedback. In this way, with communication becoming the norm, the woman could gradually build up the courage to raise the issue of her being publicly called out.

The final step then is just to execute the plans you made in the second step. Good luck with that! You can view the original article here:

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