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How to Work for an Inadequate Manager

At some point or another, everyone has likely had the frustrating displeasure of working for a manager that was ill-suited for the role. Whether they got thrown into a position that they were not ready for, or they simply do not have the personality to be a great manager, inadequate managers are everywhere. In a post for SITS Community 360, Noel Bruton shares some strategies to make this type of trying situation work for you.

Less Than Stellar

It is unfortunately common that a great number of managers believe that the brunt of being a manager simply entails telling other people what to do. This is problematic because of two reasons: “first it ignores the duty of the manager to the department as a whole[,] and second, being an example is not leadership[;] it is an inadequacy that lies somewhere between not developing all the team to that level and just boasting.” A good leader leads by example, and is willing to help out, not just dictate how everything should be done.

An important managerial function is to organize resources so that the group can become more productive. A manager should make the lives of his or her employees easier with the proper allocation of resources. Additionally, the manager should be empowering employees to better handle workloads in the future. Empowerment will help to increase job satisfaction and retention of great employees. Any manager who is struggling in this area has some self-growth work they need to do.

Micromanaging is another type of inadequate management. There are two possible reasons for micromanaging: Either the manager does not trust his or her employee to do their job satisfactorily, or the manager does not know how to do his or her higher-level job and does the employee’s work instead. This situation can be rectified by education of the role and making the manager look good to his or her superiors. When the manager looks good, everyone gets a gold star for the books.

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