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Ways to Crash and Burn with Your New Employer

One of the worst feelings in the world is that of regret. Whether that be something trivial like eating that fourth slice of pizza, or something more serious like a career move, regret hurts all the same. In a post for PMStudent, Margaret Meloni shares how to avoid actions that may cause your boss to regret hiring you.

No Ego Allowed

A new job is exciting! There are so many new people to meet and new things to learn, but too often people make silly mistakes that cause them to fail before they begin. Maybe it is the mindset that you think because you were hired, you are better than those who were not. Perhaps you complain about how this new company does things. Or maybe you make the fatal error of talking about how your old company did things differently, and they were better. All three of these mindsets will cause you to crash and burn with your new employer.

Meloni proposes that like people, an organization has a personality. If someone new came into your life, you would not change everything about yourself just to please them, right? So why would an organization change everything just to appease you?

Instead of being such an egotist, change your mindset about this new organization. This organization is obviously doing something right if they are still in existence, and so you can likely learn something new from them. Always be open to trying things their way, and always be willing to build relationships. Additionally, be respectful of them.

When you take this more humble approach, you will receive a much better reaction, and you will have a much happier journey on this new adventure. You can read the original post here:

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