Tips to Save Time in Your Personal and Professional Life

Dan Novaes offers some down-to-Earth, rarely heard advice for how entrepreneurs can prevent life from passing by too quickly in an article for Fast Company. Above all else, he says you need to value your time. That means only attending business meet-ups and lunches that will yield a tangible benefit to you. He even says most conferences are a waste of time, in that YouTube is full of advice and speeches already and that the big players with whom you want to network will probably be busy with other people or generally inaccessible.

Novaes goes on to recommend outsourcing on pretty much every level. Outsource your chores to things like cleaning services, if you can afford it. Get a service that will deliver nutritious and tasty meals to you so that you do not have to think about it. Find apps and software to take care of or monitor basic tasks for you. It seems the author’s ultimate message is that you should double down on your best skills and engage them as frequently as possible—and get other people to handle everything else.

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