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Does Your Team Make Your Project More Risky?

In the business of risks, it is easy to overlook the obvious. You probably take into account the risk of poor financials, or maybe unpredictable weather, but what about the risks associated with the project team? In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin elaborates on risks that the project team bring to the table.

Stepping on Toes

Communication is the cornerstone to civilization. However, with a blending of personalities effective communication may start to resemble a hard game of Tetris. These challenges can be easily overcome with clear and effective communication tactics. Lack of communication affects the team’s morale, and so it should be addressed immediately. As a leader, you should encourage the team to work together and to speak up when they do not understand something.

Estimating can be another hurdle the team has to overcome. When things are not properly estimated, the team may have inadequate information to make a proper decision about the project. The planning stage of a project is crucial, and the team needs enough time to look into all avenues and assess every situation. Analyzing past projects can be extremely helpful in this instance, providing insight into typical areas that need attention.

Resource risks can be seen in a plethora of ways. Perhaps the wrong people were directed to do certain tasks, or perhaps conflict is avoided and the project subsequently falls apart. Half of the battle in addressing resource risks is merely being able to acknowledge that they exist.

The final area of risk is reporting. Reporting is not always very fun, but it is crucial to complete it in a timely manner and to do so thoroughly. The entire team should know what is expected of them when it comes to reporting, and they should be able to fulfill those expectations in a timely manner.

You can read the original article here: http://www.esi-intl.co.uk/blogs/pmoperspectives/index.php/team-makes-project-risky/

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