Six Great Ways to Save Time at Work

It could be that the best way to save time at work is just having a good plan for the day ready to go. In an article for Forbes, Siimon Reynolds shares his tips that revolve around this idea. His first tip is to, yes, plan your workday before you actually start working. Prioritize where your time will be best spent, and tackle the most important work first. Delegate away as much work as you can so you can focus your skills on the highest-value work. In fact, Reynolds says to “rush the unimportant” work, as trivial work seldom has to be perfect.

When your work has a lenient or nonexistent deadline, impose a harsher one on yourself—preferably one that might be a little hard to reach. Then you can challenge yourself to rise to the occasion to complete it, which will keep you engaged. For the same reasons, set a definitive time to leave work each day. If you know you are going to have “x” amount of time each day and nothing more, you will work more urgently toward completing your work (ideally).

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