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The Rise of the Creative CIO

Harvey Nash and KPMG have released a survey about the rising influence of CIOs today in a report called The Creative CIO. Dennis McCafferty shares some of its key insights in a slideshow for CIO Insight. Let’s see how imaginative these people actually are.

So-So Creative

McCafferty begins by giving the overall picture of the report:

… far more CIOs expect to expand staffing to pursue… goals in comparison to those who anticipate a decrease in headcount. “In the last two years, IT leaders have become newly invigorated,” according to the report. “The days of budget cuts and staff losses are well behind us … Digital is most definitely real and it is changing the way in which everyone thinks about IT. CIOs are experimenting with innovative apps and some are even changing long-established core business models. Everyone, it seems, is now focused on finding ways to give their (organization) an edge in an increasingly challenging business world.” More than 3,350 global CIOs took part in the research.

Eighty-eight percent of CIOs are at least working on a formalized digital strategy, while 35 percent have actually launched such a strategy. Fifty-seven percent of CIOs are members of the executive committee, and 34 percent of CIOs report directly to the CEO. Only 19 percent of organizations have a Chief Digital Officer, though it is nonetheless an increase of 7 percent from two years ago.

Over the last year, the most successful types of IT projects have been (in order) infrastructure roll-outs, migrations of systems to the cloud, and new website/content management systems. The tech talent shortage continues to be a problem, of course. Not a lot of this seems to yield earth-shattering new insights, but it is always nice to know where we stand.

You can view the slideshow here:

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