One Time-Saver That Speeds Up the Whole Workday

Segueing from one meeting into another, or between work and phone calls, makes for a lot of stopping and starting during the day. How much time is lost constantly getting back up to speed? Dave Kerpen shares a tip in an article for Inc. that can take much of that time back.

The tip is very simple. Kerpen never ends a meeting or call without getting explicit clarification on the next steps to be taken—both by him and everyone else. He dedicates roughly the last 20 percent of any conversation to establishing this detail. If at all possible, he hits the ground running with the task before the meeting is even over, such as when a follow-up step involves writing an email. This eliminates need for transition time altogether. But at the least, using this strategy there will never be any guesswork or prolonged reflection about what task should be tackled next.

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