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How Long Is Too Long for a Resume?

It is generally agreed a resume should not stretch longer than two pages at most, but what information should you place into that valuable real estate? Marcelle Yeager writes for U.S. News and World Report with what to put in the resume and what to keep for LinkedIn. The elements you generally want to retain on the resume are a career summary, education, awards, and job description bullet points that pertain to the job desired. Stuff you should save for LinkedIn includes hobbies, skills, and community work that does not pertain to any job desired. Ideally, every shred of information included on a resume funnels directly back into satisfying conditions listed on a job that is desired.

Of course, job hunting is not the only reason to touch up a resume. Sometimes you want to clean up the resume just to remind your current employer how delightful you are, so that you might rise up the ranks! You can view the full article here:

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