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ITSM Back to Basics: The Service Catalogue

When things go badly, maybe it is because of a mistake in the execution. When things go disastrous, it could be due to a mistake in the fundamentals, like not having a service catalogue. In an article for the ITSM Review, Vawns Murphy elaborates on the value of the IT service catalogue and how much good it can really produce.

Service for Every Occasion

According to Murphy, “ITIL defines the Service Catalogue as a database or structured document with information about all live IT services, including those available for deployment.” This catalogue has information about both customer-facing services and supporting services. In short, the IT service catalogue is a menu of all of the services that are available for the business to utilize.

There are two chief purposes for the IT service catalogue. The first purpose is to maintain a single source of information on all of the services available and keep the list consistent and current. Maintaining such a list makes it exceptionally easy for customers to decide which services to utilize. The second purpose is for it to be easily accessible and at the forefront of IT. When it is in the epicenter of happenings, it will consistently be used, which allows for the catalogue to serve its purpose. The IT service catalogue brings some immense values to the business:

  1. Acts as a central source of information regarding IT services
  2. Offers a customer-facing view of these services
  3. Contains accurate descriptions of these services
  4. Provides a list of the business processes that the catalogue enables
  5. Illustrates the level of quality a customer can expect from each service

The business service catalogue by extension is the catalogue that provides all of the details regarding IT services, but explained and delivered in business language. And lastly, the technical service catalogue expands on the business service catalogue by connecting it with various other supporting services.

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