How to Find Where Lost Organizational Productivity Hides

Productivity is necessary for businesses to get things done on time and on budget. However, productivity is a tricky beast and often hides in the shadows of the office. In an article for, Sarah K. White shares how to find where the lost productivity is creeping.

Networks for Faster Work

According to White, “Businesses typically find themselves losing time and money due to the way they manage content, corporate assets and products.” It is almost certain that unless a company has been very proactive in their quest for developing a modern content process, they are likely in an unproductive cycle.

Employees must be provided with all of the digital files they need to be effective at their job. White states that “your internal assets need to be searchable and easy to navigate in order to actually be a ‘value add’ to your company.” Productivity and improvement begins with employees, and it ultimately spreads to the customer.

To begin with, content management software should be audited so that you fully understand what is broken and ineffective about the system as is. After the idea is completed, one action that can help to free up employee time and make things work better is embracing automation. The mundane can be done by a machine, and then employees can focus on the more important, higher-value work.

Employees are not always productive while at work, which means that counting the number of employees “working” is not an indicator of great performance. Utilizing metrics to measure productivity against is the better route to take. The first step is to establish a baseline to measure against, then to continuously and consistently utilize it.

When making decisions and selections about the content management system, you should look into a system with great analytics. Tools that can help track and report on trends of productivity will prove the most valuable. It is additionally important to choose either enterprise-wide tools or department-focused tools and stick to it; do not continuously switch back and forth.

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