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Don’t Let Lack of Commitment Doom Your Project

Making a commitment can be overwhelming for some people, even if it is merely committing to dinner at seven at the trendy new French restaurant around the block. When projects have a lack of commitment from sponsors and stakeholders, they are predestined to fail. In a post for Duration-Driven, the secret to maintaining sponsor commitment is revealed.

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The first step is to identify those who are fearful of making the plunge to fully commit to the project. When those who are noncommittal are identified, the team can better monitor them and help them to become comfortable with committing to the project.

People need to see why their commitments matter. Showing a stakeholder precisely the impact their presence adds may help to sway them to make this project a priority. Additionally, some people believe that they have little to no responsibilities. This type of person may need a little extra push to fulfill their role.

Feedback does not need to be reserved exclusively for updates on how the project is going. In fact, encouraging active lines of communication can help increase stakeholder or sponsor engagement. It is important to encourage stakeholders to voice their opinions and concerns. Oftentimes, stakeholders are less committed in instances in which they are burdened with worries.

Most stakeholders report to someone higher up, which can be an advantage for project managers. If a stakeholder is not embracing a project and is not committing as they should be, the project manager may need to go over their head to a superior to light a fire and get the stakeholder invested. This is an extreme measure and should be reserved for instances in which the stakeholder’s lack of commitment is truly disrupting the project, not merely a bother.

You can read the original post here: http://duration-driven.com/dont-let-lack-of-commitment-doom-your-project/

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