Cut to the Chase to Save Time at the Office

Some part of you instinctively knows when you are wasting time or procrastinating. In an article for NBC Today, Stuart Levine believes you can do better. He says in short-term and long-term scales that you should drive persistently toward your goals with focus. Whatever the task is, whether it is daunting or trivial, just get started on it.

Beyond that, one particularly good tip he has is to make effective use of “Got it”: When you understand the crux of what a person is telling you, say “Got it,” and move on to the next point of discussion. Otherwise, you risk needlessly circular conversation. If the person continues on that same point anyway, add in a lighthearted “You’re killing me!” to drive home the point that there are more pressing matters to discuss.

For additional generally practical tips, you can view the full article here:

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