How a Computer Science Background Can Make You a Better Leader

There are many experts who claim they know the secret to being a successful leader, but in a technology-driven world is the answer as simple as having a background in computer science? In an article for Forbes, Laurence Bradford discusses the success of the cofounder and CEO of Reelio, Peter Borum.

Borum to Lead

Borum earned a Music, Science and Technology degree from Stanford, and he accredits this to a great deal of his success. Having a background in computer science encourages you to look at the world through a different lens. People have grown to expect computer programs and web pages to simply work, like “magic.” Borum advocates that actually understanding how they work gives you a leg up on other people because you can do what others cannot.

Being able to view the world differently is a great asset to have, especially when it comes to problem-solving. Having knowledge in computer science allows for you to be able to improve things that others do not even see as broken. This is exactly the mindset that inspired Borum to create Reelio. He sought to improve how companies were creating branded content. Additionally, computer science knowledge allows for automation of mundane tasks.

Computer science is not all technical gibberish; there is a creative side to it as well. Borum incorporates the music element of his degree into his daily work: “Programming and music also both allow for a deep, single-minded immersion in the creative process. ‘They require you to be deeply focused and in the moment for everything to work well, and I find that state of flow to be immensely satisfying.’”

Borum advocates that the two most important aspects of business are communication and inspiring confidence in employees. Computer science often allows for a translation of ideas into a language that all of the business can understand. This also helps with confidence, because when employees understand what is going on, they have confidence in themselves.

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