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How CIOs Can Use Service Management to Get the Most of Cloud

The clouds are rolling in and an IT storm is imminent. Cloud-based applications are slowly taking over, and it is becoming ever more pressing for CIOs to understand how to get the most from the cloud. In an article for The Csuite, Paul Cash elaborates on how CIOs can utilize IT service management (ITSM) to both maximize cloud value and minimize the risks associated with it.

Control the Weather

The environment is changing, and so IT needs to change with it so that they can better accommodate the needs of people today. Many employees will branch out on their own and acquire their own cloud services in an effort to make things go more quickly. This growing trend is laden with inefficiencies, which is causing those managers to spend more time on trivial tasks. All of these antics are occurring without any input from IT. Without IT oversight, there are increased security risks.

This “bring your own cloud” movement needs to be reined in by IT. IT needs to regain control over the increased security threats all while not threatening the benefits that the cloud can bring. Cash suggests that “the solution is not about putting in place more restrictions, but instead implementing checks and balances using ITSM solutions that are themselves cloud-based.” Some of these solutions include:

  1. Comprehensive IT asset management
  2. Management of service providers
  3. Automation
  4. Reporting and management systems

IT can take the time to individually asses each cloud-based application and its effectiveness to see how well they work in the company. Additionally, IT can take the time to make sure that the myriad SLAs are clearly defined in the service catalog. Automation will help users be able to simply utilize the technology without any training. Reporting will allow ITSM to view metrics to ensure that all is working up to par.

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