7 Steps to an Inspiring and Memorable Speech

We forget boring speeches, but really powerful speeches stick with us for months or years. In an article for Inc., Bill Murphy Jr. shares his seven core tips for delivering a speech with oomph. For starters, pick out only a few key points to hammer home in the speech to maximize the odds of the audience retaining it. Think of it like a cargo ship: Stick too much stuff on it, and the ship sinks.

Next, think about your delivery structure. It is the standard beginning-middle-end stuff, but go a step further by verbalizing in the speech when you are shifting gears between important points. Remember that perfectly written English does not always sound natural spoken out loud, so do not be afraid to go a little off the rails with how you phrase things. Likewise, embrace the need to practice and rewrite. The ultimate goal is to connect with the audience and address their specific needs. Telling an effective story or two could be the way to create that engagement.

Finally, purposely plan your speech to run a little short, in order to account for messy schedules and the threat of you running longer than you anticipated. If you still have time leftover, then that just means you have a couple minutes to interact directly with the audience. For more, you can view the full article here:

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