5 Ways CIOs Can Drive Profitable Customer Experiences

IT plays a very pertinent role when it comes to the overall customer experience. When the customer is happy, the business is happy and better poised to excel, so providing a positive customer experience is invaluable. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Dan Roy shares five ways that CIOs can help to deliver a profitable customer experience:

  1. Discourage use of shadow IT.
  2. Make sure new systems integrate.
  3. Encourage collaboration between marketing and IT.
  4. Reconsider the SaaS relationship.
  5. Understand personalization.

IT with Marketing Flavor

Shadow IT has been an ongoing hot topic of debate. But the bottom line is that as long as there is shadow IT, CIOs have very little control over the experience of the customers utilizing it. When data is siloed in obscure places, this is information effectively lost for monitoring, especially when it comes to tracing and attributing channel revenues.

System integration is a great thing when executed properly. According to Roy, “When IT owns and drives the high-level technology vision for systems that will house customer data, the business will ultimately benefit.” It should be understood how vendors’ offerings integrate with existing systems and how much it will cost to make systems play nicely.

Marketing and IT are two entirely different departments, but they are both ultimately working towards the same end goal: achieving what the business wants. When each side shares its individual expertise, new insights into business operations will arise.

SaaS solutions have improved business operations, but they have also taken some of the control of security away from IT. Sometimes this risk is acceptable to the business because there is greater good in a third party handling the data, but sometimes it is too dangerous. IT may need to regain control over some of the more sensitive information.

Lastly, people love to feel special, especially with tailor-made communications. Personalized communications with customers is something that CIOs can deliver in an effort to make everyone feel special and happy.

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