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5 Tips for Managing a Dispersed Team

With the progression of technology, people in remote parts of the world can now work with those in the biggest of cities. These dispersed teams often need a little different management in order to make them successful. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares five tips for managing dispersed teams:

  1. Embrace differences.
  2. Put the team first.
  3. Make everyone aware of what success looks like.
  4. Be prepared to make the arduous decisions.
  5. Celebrate achievements in person.

A Bigger Net

Teams will inevitably face differences, but what may be unique to a dispersed team is that there are also cultural differences. You need to be authentic in your curiosity, and in doing so you can be a well-liked leader. During the beginning stages of a project is when this curiosity is especially pertinent.

People who are motivated to get their individual work completed are great, but you need to encourage everyone to be a team player. This is not always easy, but “success is a team game.” When people work together they can deliver the maximum potential. CIOs that are able to articulate to the team what success looks like will be the most prosperous. Identify two or three things that can be attained if everyone works collectively. Understanding the end goal can be an important factor.

Sometimes, the once great blend of people no longer works well together. This is an often difficult reality for teams, but it is one that leaders need to face. Leaders may need to make challenging decisions about who can stay and whose time is up.

Technology has provided great outlets for people to communicate with one another, but there is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting. Investing in a kick-off meeting, in person, can help to set the project off on the right foot and give everyone the chance to bond before the races begin.

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