5 Tips for Giving a Memorable Speech

A great speech can change a person’s entire manner of thinking. If you would like to stand a chance of making such a difference yourself, you need to really think the speech through. Jacquelyn Smith shares five tips to get started in an article for Business Insider.

First of all, consider the audience’s interests and needs. Everything you say and how you say it should be dictated by what matters to the audience. Second, catch the audience’s attention by starting the speech with a story that illustrates what the subject matter of the rest of the speech will be. Once you have them invested, the real trick is keeping them invested for the next 15 (or however many) minutes. In order to do that, always frame your discussion points around challenges the audience faces. If everything coming out of your mouth is in one way or another solving a problem, the audience will likely want to keep listening. Then you just have to remember to finish the speech with a call to action. If you have been sufficiently inspiring, the audience should be fired up to act on your words.

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