5 Quick Tips to Inspire People with a Speech

In an article for Forbes, public speaking coach Nick Morgan uses inspirational movie speeches as a basis to share five short tips to write your own inspirational speech. For instance, speeches have the most impact in high-stakes situations, so paint a picture of what is at risk. Make it clear in specific terms what there is to gain or lose. Additionally, in the movies, most inspirational speeches are two to four minutes, which makes sense. In real life, the only way I could imagine a person inspiring a crowd for 35 minutes straight is if the person happens to be Michael Jackson performing a concert. What this means is that, if you have a longer speech on your hands, you should just save the inspirational part for the end.

Make sure to include some emotion too, or else the whole thing will ring hollow. Speaking of which, music helps to amp up an emotional situation. So maybe try to start a speech by walking out to some music. I would go so far as to recommend never entering a room without playing the entirety of Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” theme first.

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