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5 Must-Know Tips to Be a Better Project Manager

Even the best can always get better. In a post at the PM Coach, Brooke Cade outlines five tips that she believes can make every project manager one tick better. Make everyone fear how competent you are.

Do These for Project Improvement

  1. Use multiple forms of communication to make your point.
  2. Master meetings.
  3. Watch and listen when people speak.
  4. Encourage others to lead.
  5. Accept constructive criticism.

Driving home your most important points to the team can often entail having to repeat yourself a few times. There are ways to do this without annoying everyone though. Cade recommends delivering the same message over different mediums/situations, such as in email, meetings, and notes, so that you can repeat yourself without literally repeating yourself.

Mastering meetings meanwhile sounds easier said than done, but Cade offers a few sub-tips dedicated just to this. She says to decrease meeting frequency by pushing out as much information as possible through email or a fast conference call. For the meetings that must occur, set a time limit and stick to an agenda. Consider ending a large meeting early so that groups can break off into smaller meetings where they can discuss factors only pertinent to them.

You have heard the tips on communication a trillion times, but—when someone speaks, listen to what he or she is saying and the body language with which the words are conveyed. Empathy makes the world go round. And about encouraging others to lead, Cade offers this:

In a position of leadership, you’re inevitably going to hear about issues or problems that have relatively nothing to do with you. Instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to find solutions to every problem, empower others to fix the issues themselves. By encouraging others to take initiative, they’ll understand that you not only trust their judgement, but that they’re capable of making good judgments that contribute to the overall success of the project.

Lastly, you want to be open to constructive criticism. Think of it as a means of learning where the chinks in your armor are. Once you patch them up, you will be indomitable in your project powers.

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