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3 Ways to Get Work Done during an IT Budget Lull

As the year winds down, so too do available IT budgets. How can IT undertake meaningful additional work at limited IT budget or expense during these periods? In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares three potential answers:

  1. New product development
  2. The backlog
  3. Cross-training

Greatness on the Cheap

About new product development, Shacklett says this:

A major opportunity in IT R&D is to work with new vendors that are anxious to get companies onboard with their technologies. Many of these vendors are startups that will offer “try before you buy” products at no cost. Vendors do this because they want to have installed instances of a new product as references for their sales teams. In return for allocating staff (without allocating budget), you get a free proof of concept of a new technology that can potentially pay off for your company.

As for the backlog, what Shacklett means is that there is always maintenance to be done on existing operations: Revamp an aging application, and/or revamp your application-building process as a whole. Consolidate your databases. Improve quality of service on the network. Figure out which IT assets are no longer valuable and dump them. There is clear value in all of these activities.

Cross-training is similarly valuable. This is the chance for junior staff to develop skills that make them not so junior anymore, or for experienced staff to absorb skills that increase their versatility even further. The final result is that teams become more well-rounded and better connected in the organization. IT becomes more cohesive at minor cost.

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